Informations on the shown models

All Polyhedra are made of type-writer paper. The diameter is about 7 up to 40 cm. Construction is done making layers beginning in the center. The facelets were cut out with knives and scissors and then they were glueed to the final shape.

The sequence and the combination of the models on the sites are not systematical.The names and the w-numbers (for example w85: Quasirhombicuboctahedron) are taken from M. Wenningers book "Polyhedron models". Sort and number of the faces of most of the models are given.

On the following sites and the links there you find nearly everything which is known about polyhedra.There are thousands of wonderful images, animated ones and models that can be moved with the mouse:
Bob Allanson's polyhedra pages,
Claudi Alsina's geometric journey into space,
Johannes Becker's animated transformations of regular polyhedra,
Paul Bourke's geometry pages,
Jonathan Bower's Polychora,
Bridges ,
Bridges London 2006 art exhibition,
Jill Britton's polyhedra links,
James Buddenhagen's homepage,
Vladimir Bulatov's Polyhedra Collection - all sorts of computer generated polyhedral stuff,
Albert P. Carpenter's Porous Polyhedra.
Stewart Coffin's Puzzling World of Polyhedral dissections,
Evgeny Demidov's interactive polyhedra page,
Hop David: Hop's gallery,
Tadeusz Dorozinski's : 3D-structures,
Alex Doskey's : .wrl-Polyhedra and his Jovo-Toys:
Steve Dutch's Symmetry- and polyhedra pages,
Daniel Ederly's : Spidron System,
The Geometry Junkyard, David Eppstein,
Robert Ferreol's polyhedra,
Marc Fleurent's polyhedraplates
Sigfrid Fregert's Ceramic models of polyhedra
Paulo Freire's Paulyhedra
Technology of Wonders - Three Dimensional Puzzles, Viktor Genel,
Tom Getty's Polyhedra Hyperpages,
Chaim Goodman-Strauss,
VRML Polyhedra, Sam Gratrix,
Infinite Regular Polyhedra - physical and VRML models, Melinda Green,
Branko Grünbaum's geometry pages,
Bradford Hansen-Smith's Geometry pages,
Ray-traced images, sculpture, and Encyclopedia of Polyhedra, George W. Hart,
Guy Inchbald`s Polyedra Pages,
Wentzel Jamnitzer's Perspectiva Corporum Regularium,
Roger Kaufman's polyhedra,
Mathematical Graphics, Sándor Kabai,
Jürgen Köller's mathematical handicraft,
Paper polyhedron models, G. Korthals Altes,
Dave Koski's Kiosk,
Wendy Krieger's polygloss,
Friedhelm Kürpig's models,
See my many wooden polyhedra, Tom Lechner,
Images and animations of uniform polyhedra and stellated icosahedra, Roman Maeder,
Mario Marin's Polyhedron pages,
Math forum internet mathematics library
Jim McNeill`s Polyhedron sites
Richard Morris` Polyhedron sites
Joseph Myer's Card models
Mark Newbold's Hyperspace Star Polytope Slicer
Table of all convex uniform polychora and Polyhedron model-making service, George Olshevsky,
Piotr Pawlikowski's polyhedra,
Rob Pierce's polyhedra,
Christoph Pöppe's cardboard sets for polyhedron model making,
Jorge Rezende's Puzzles with Polyhedra and Numbers,
David Richter's models,
Rinus Roelofs,
J. Mike Rollins' platonic solids in light bulbs,
Adrian Rossiter's Antiprism-program,
Hironimo Sakamoto,,0
Torolf Sauermann,
Hans Schepker' models,
Uniform polyhedra in the Science Museum,
Anton Sherwood's ' site of mathematical beauty,
Pretty arrangement of the Platonic and Archimedean solids,
Jos Smits' Polyhedra,
Maurice Starck's ride through the polyhedra world,
Rob Strange's construction toy,
Anthony Thyssen's Studies into Polyhedra,
Marcel Tünnissen's Polyhedra pages,
Jeff Tupper's polyhedron models and posters,
Scott Vorthmann's VZome Software,
Steve Waterman's polyhedron models,
Robert Webb's superb Great Stella program,
A beautiful Stella Users' Polyhedron Models gallery on Robert*s stella Web site,
Stella Users' discussion forum ,
Eric Weisstein's Mathworld polyhedra,
Builder of polyhedra - papercraft models, Magnus Wenninger,
Stephan Werbeck's dodecahedral constructions
Wikimedia, The archive of media,
Wikipedia, The online-encyclopedia,
Ueli Wittorf 's polyhedron models,
Junichi Yananose: Juno's World
Douglas Zongker's polyhedra models
Zvi Har’El 's Polyhedron plate
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