Sphere of 42 Icosahedra and 60 Octahedra

A body which is composed of 42 Icosahedra and 60 Octahedra. It was made with the help of the program Great Stella . With this program you can open the STEL-file. The VRML-model can be handled with a VRML-player (e. g. the cortona player). The o2c-model was made by T. Dorozinski. To watch this file type, you need the o2c-Player. The physical model presented here was constructed by Dr. Daniel Lordick with a 3D-printer Z310 of Z-Corporation in the 3D Labor B25 at the Institut für Geometrie der Technischen Universität Dresden .
Dr. Lordick had a lot of work processing the data for the printer and he took the photo when the work was done. I'd like to express my thanks to him!

In this gallery there are numerous virtual models which were constructed in the same way. They are arrangements of octahedra or (distorted) prisms with icosahedra or tridiminished icosahedra (Johnson-solid No. 63). Manifold rings or cages are available. If you take frustums of pyramids instead of prisms or octahedra, spirals result. All models were constructed with Great Stella.

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