Augmentation of uniform Polyedra with frustums of pyramids

Augmentation is simply attaching one polyhedron to another at some common face. By augmentation, a great number of new polyhedra is available. You get very attractive shapes if you choose a uniform polyhedron as "base" and piles of frustums of a pyramid as building blocks. These forms can be excavated from the base polyhedron face too. If you take frusta where the base and the top faces are distorted you get polyhedra with a "spiralled" surface.

The following gallery shows some examples. All models were created with the software "Great Stella". The gallery is organized in that way that a click on a thumbnail opens an enlarged picture. If you click on the large picture, a VRML-model is available which can be handled with a player (e. g. the cortona player). Since the VRML-files can have an immense size, this size is indicated in the alt-text. The naming is analog M. Wenninger's book "polyhedron models"

Have fun!



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